Don’t let pain keep you from life.
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Paralysis requires accurate treatment and medication to overcome the limitations and for better recovery.
Relieving the symptoms associated with joint pain and improving joint function is what the we focus on.
Back Pain
Other than injuries, there are multiple reasons for back pains. Free yourself from pains with our help.
Frozen Shoulder
Stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint? Seek advise from doctor to relieve yourself from this ailment.
Joint Pain
Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains or sprain could be the reason. We can help.
Muscular Pain
Physical Exertion can lead to muscle pain. Don't neglect the symptoms and visit our expert doctor soon.
About Us
Physiotherapy offers you an effective method of developing a fit body and sound mind.It  is a way of life and does not comprise of only physical culture. Our applications of physiotherapy ideals in daily life include the simple philosophies behind the techniques of physiotherapy  that contributes to a better living.
We offer  various kinds of physiotherapy sessions and also provide the essentials required for meditation.